President's Message

The LaSalle Rowing Club Board of Executives has been working hard to adapt our club’s policies and protocols to make it possible to conduct a rowing season this year. We understand that it’s our responsibility to protect our members and mitigate as much risk as possible. We are confident that we can safely return to rowing while limiting the risk associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In order to safely return to rowing, we will be opening up our membership in the phases outlined below:

Return-to-Rowing Phased Approach Plan

Phase 1: Core Crew 1 (Active)

During the initial phase of the Return-To-Rowing plan, we are focusing on a core crew of members who are to fill essential roles within the club. These roles include coaching, safety boat driving and boathouse captains. These members will be trained on new club policies and practices. Focusing on this group in the first phase will ensure we have the capacity to take on more members as we move through the rest of the phases.

Phase 2: Low-Risk (Starting Approximately 3 weeks)

Membership will open to low-risk members. Low-risk members are all those who do not meet the Rowing Canada definition for high-risk membership. See Phase 4 for the definition of high-risk membership. Rowing will be done in singles only and members will need to be in full compliance with the club’s new policies. Members living in the same house will be permitted to row a double.

Phase 3: Junior Rowers (Starting July)

During this phase Junior membership will begin. Junior rowing will also be done in singles. Juniors will need to be in full compliance with the club’s new policies. Members living in the same house will be permitted to row a double.

Phase 4: High-Risk ( No current Timeline)

Membership will open to all members including those considered high-risk. High-Risk membership is defined by Rowing Canada as members relocating from areas outside the training location that have documented active local transmissions. An example is members that cross the border. High Risk members also include members over the age of 65 or anyone with underlying health conditions.

Finally, it is important to note that these phases may be amended to adapt to changing social distancing rules and overall guidelines set out by our local, provincial and federal governments, as well as guidance from RowOntario and Rowing Canada. All membership fees this year have been set to $250. At this time, we are beginning Phase 1 of the Return-to-Rowing plan. Anyone interested in being considered for the Core Crew membership is asked to contact a board member.

We thank our membership in advance for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. Together we are doing everything possible to make our club and our sport an enjoyable and safe environment for all those who choose to participate. We will continue to communicate with you directly and update our website as updates become available. I look forward to rowing again.


Kevin Nyman
President, LaSalle Rowing Club


Address : 1 Laurier Drive, LaSalle, ON N9J 3L4